Paula Whitfield, Devon Hypnotherapist, hypnosis in Devon, master hypnotistHello and welcome, how are you today? 

My name is Paula, I am so pleased that you have stopped by to my site.

Are you are my ideal client?  Are you stressed, anxious, self-medicating and wanting to move forward from whatever is holding you back?


I use intuition, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and coaching to ensure that you get that little bit of help to feel really great about yourself.

With decades of experience in seeing clients from all over the world,  I can see you  either face to face or by Skype or Zoom – whichever is better for us both.

In my 20 years experience working with corporate clients as well as other high achievers and professionals I have been able to change lives, not just for my clients, but also for those around them.

I understand what you need to succeed in your life, I understand the pressures that you experience and I understand how to make sure that you become ultra resilient and ultra confident in everything that you choose to do.

Whatever is holding you back from being a much better version of who you are right now, please give me a call on 07955291578.

How you are is my main priority.

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Please contact me to make your enquiry or phone 07955291578

Here is my listing on the Hypnotherapist Register.  


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