Hello I am Paula Whitfield, Professional Hypnotist and Director of Ambiance Hypnotherapy. Please also see my corporate website paulacwhitfield.com

As well as hypnosis, I offer training, public speaking and mind coaching.  This is either on a one to one basis, small groups or corporate events. I can even do Skype if this suits.

I have offices in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and London – but if you are in a different location, please let me know as I can travel to a location near to you (additional fee required) – also under special circumstances I can do home visits, if you give me a call we can discuss things like that.

Please contact me to make your enquiry or phone 07955291578


“I believe that along the way we are all on a journey, for some the journey is smooth and with an easy route, whilst for others the route is confusing and there are many bumps in the road. With an open mind and a need to change the direction, I can help you reach where you are going as smoothly as possible”


Here is my listing on the Hypnotherapist Register.