8 legged alert – how is your spider phobia today?

Warning – 8 legged creature alert

If this time of year is a potential nightmare to you because of your terror of spiders entering your home, if you are dreading the site of an 8 legged visitor coming to stay, I can help, if you are ready to get rid of your fear of spiders (arachnophobia) hypnosis will do just that.

All you need to do is contact me on here to book your face to face or Skype session.
You have nothing to lose but the phobia.

Confidence Building Workshop

Have you ever wanted to be really confident and totally resilient in every aspect of your life?

Have you ever noticed that confident people seem braver and more successful? or that resilient people are able to bounce back from challenging situations
Do you want to change things in your life that may be creating a barrier to your personal development?

I can help you do all of the above by using many skills, this highly interactive workshop will definitely give you the tools to see the bigger picture in a more confident and fulfilling way.
This can be for individuals or groups/corporate.

Here are all of the details for you.

Torquay,  Devon – venue to be confirmed soon – on 26th and 27th November.

I have secured special accommodation rates for you.

More details here

Or contact me for more details, thank you – see you in Torquay.


Smoking Cessation – quit today.

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When people talk about smokers they initially say things like YUK you are DISGUSTING, ASHTRAY BREATH etc.

I hear people shouting at strangers in the street all of the time, and as much as we all have the right of freedom of speech I do think that it is nasty to shout at smokers.  My reason is that smoking, is an addiction.
The smokers know that they are addicted, thats why they do it.  If they had the CHOICE to quit, I am sure that they would – however I do hear smokers justify their smoking by saying things like “I am going to die anyway” or “I could get hit by a bus in a minute” or “it’s my only pleasure in life”. Ok, well if this is how you speak, you aren’t ready to quit smoking yet – no level of support will work for you because you are giving yourself permission to continue smoking 🙁

I know of one fantastic way that you can become smoke free forever – that is by having hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy works because it reprograms the subconscious into being a NON-SMOKER. After hypnosis a person can confidently say that they are A NON-SMOKER.  It is the only way that a person can quit after 1 HOUR and quit forever. Here are the reasons to have hypnotherapy to quit smoking:

  • Quit smoking after 1 hour/1 session
  • No weight gain
  • No cravings
  • No weekly support group meetings
  • No need to replace a cigarette with another addiction – like NRT or Vaping (see below)

Here in the UK there is a lot of support available to help the person quit, mainly support groups at GP surgeries and provided by the NHS, also Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). This can be gum, patches, pills, inhalers etc. This works perfectly well for some people, but the truth is that most people that use these methods of quitting will attempt to do so approximately 6 times before they finally break the habit.

Vaping – this is a relatively new form of giving up smoking.  Vaping involves inhaling a vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol liquid through an atomiser, heated with a batter. This contains nicotine but no tobacco and is beautifully flavoured.  Flavours such as caramel, popcorn, candy floss etc.  Can this really help you to quit smoking?
Here is a UK article that may answer some questions – the dangers are yet unknown.

The facts about smoking can be found here

The only way to quit with no effort to you is one session with me – 1 session to change your life – How much is that worth to you?

Sessions available all across the UK – For your appointment and fees please do one of the following below.

Ring/text  me on 07955291578
email me on
Contact me on this website 




Sports performance – hypnotherapy to achieve your goals.

I have been working closely with a few rather lovely sporting professions recently. Until now they hadn’t understood the benefits of using hypnotherapy to increase their personal best.

The common factor of why these people came to me is that they wanted to be the best and to succeed.
They all wanted to smash down any barriers that were standing in their way and to get 100% increased endurance.

What I do is give the client the ability to adopt the mind-set of a professional and winning sportsperson or athlete.
This kind of change happens in the subconscious mind, by changing the way we feel about ourselves at an unconscious level then the conscious wide awake mind allows us to change.  Change is good.  Change is always very good.

Whether it is to deal with nerves, to stop procrastination or to smash down any barriers that you are putting up in your way, I will give you the chance to be the very best sportsperson/athlete that you want to be.

Hypnotherapy can help you with the following:

confidence issues
weight loss/gain
increased confidence
increase mental stamina/mental ability
boost your ego

total change to brain state
and just about anything else, smoking, drinking, binge eating…..and so on….

Do you know that whatever sport is your sport that I can help you to get into the zone, smash down the barriers and kick over those hurdles.

Hypnotherapy is particularly brilliant for the following:

Bodybuilding/weight lifting


Martial Arts
Swimmers – but the list is endless.

Why not give it a try.  Contact me here to find out why you need me to help you be top of your game.

“It’s mind over matter – it always has been”.



Déjà vu? – Past Life Regression

Déjà vu? This is the phenomenon that allows a person an insight that they have lived before or been somewhere before.
This might be triggered by something the person sees, hears, feels, smells, touches or tastes.
There may be a vivid, full recollection or a partial recollection of a place, a person or even a fear.
Past-Life Regression (PLR) or Hypno-Analysis is hypnotherapy (light trance) that will allow the client to tap into their own subconscious and ‘see’ and experience a past-life.
This is particularly fascinating to clients that have this strong sense of  Déjà vu or if a client has a phobia with no known trigger, it could be passed from a past life to this life.

Who were you once were, has a huge impact on who you are now – particles of previous life subconscious memory is reborn with you as you enter into a new life – PLR and Hypno-Analysis can find the missing piece of your jigsaw.

Past-Life Regression sessions last approximately 90 minutes and are face to face or via Skype.

Contact me today for all information and appointments – Paulax

past life regression


Skype hypnotherapy sessions

Hello and thank you for stopping by.

I am really excited to now be able to offer Skype hypnotherapy sessions (including past life regression and hypnoanalysis) to all clients.
This is something I have been looking into for a long time and I am really pleased to say that now I can offer all sessions to you no matter where you are in the WORLD.

In case you haven’t heard of Skype, this is a way of using your computer and broadband connection to talk to each other and see each other.  It is free to use Skype.

To take part in these sessions you will need to have:
a laptop, PC, Mac, iPad or Tablet.
Speakers, Webcam and microphone.
A broadband – WIFI connection
A Skype account this is free download it here
A Paypal account – set that up here

If you would like to book a Skype session or a face to face session please use this contact form.
I look forward to meeting new clients from all over the world.

Best Wishes – Paula


Are we there yet?

Happy August Bank Holiday – if you are here in the UK you will know that Bank Holiday Monday is normally a wet and grey day. No matter what the weather is doing, wherever you are I hope that you have a wonderful and stress free day  🙂
It is commonplace that over the Bank Holiday weekend that people go on trips or holidays, whether in the car, the bus or train but the one most annoying thing that parents might be hearing today is ‘Are we there yet’? And sure enough, the parents will be thinking half way through their journey that they wished that they stayed at home!
Journey’s can take a long time, they can be full of obstacles and sometimes more challenging than you had first initially realised.
Your own personal journey can be the same, whether your journey is to stop smoking, lose weight or overcome your anxiety or phobia, I am here to help you.  You own personal journey doesn’t have to take forever, with my help it can be easy, painless and wonderful 🙂
“Are we there yet”? Yes! I do believe we are – contact me here.

now clock

Hypno Holiday. Bali anyone?

It truly is that time of year isn’t it-if you are lucky enough to be going away this year, that is fantastic – I hope that you have a wonderful time.
If, however circumstances are only allowing you to have a ‘staycation’ this year, well I have just the thing for you.

The clever thing about the human mind is that we are all capable of daydreaming and wishing that we can do things that we long to do. If today you went off into a wondrous daydream about lying on a beach in an exotic location where cocktails were being delivered to you as you topped up your tan to a beautiful golden brown, it would be amazing wouldn’t it? – but SNAP! the reality is that you are rush, rush, rushing around at home or the workplace and you simply cant take time out or afford a holiday for a while.  Well this is where I come in…Ambiance Hypno-Holiday is the perfect solution.

On your hypno-holiday you will receive the following:

  • The excitement to getting ready for your holiday
  • The travelling to the perfect holiday location
  • The fantastic holiday experience
  • Swimming, tanning, sampling the exotic foods and drinks
  • The holiday of your entire lifetime
  • The memories that will last you forever!

All of the above will be under a light hypnosis, you will be relaxed and feel absolutely wonderful in every single way.

Safe, calm, chilled and totally AMAZING! 1 session of pure and utter bliss – MIND TRAVEL – Bali and back in your lunch hour!

£50.00 all inclusive, no extra charge for baggage or extra leg room – contact me today!

Sessions are in Torbay, South Hams and Teignbridge.



Why weight?

Good day! Unless you already know me, most people don’t know why I became a hypnotherapist specialising in eating disorders and weight loss. The reason is that my mum sadly died at age 58 due to having gastric band surgery. I decided a few years ago that I want to specialise in issues surrounding food, and hopefully prevent another death by giving people the chance to deal with the emotional side of eating first and then see the weight fall off. This is not a diet, it is a life-changing experience. Please contact me today for details. thank youx