London terror attacks. PTSD awareness. #prayforlondon

HOUSES OF PARLIAMENTYesterday afternoon outside the Houses of Parliament there was a terror attack where 4 people died,  1 was police officer Keith Palmer, 1 the attacker and 2 others as well as 29 people that were hospitalised.  I am truly saddened that 32 of these people were involved.

Overnight 7 people have been arrested in various locations that may be directly or indirectly involved with the attack.

Prime Minister, Theresa May has reported to have described the attack as “sick and depraved”, but said it would not undermine British values. Parliament will sit as normal on Thursday, she said.

Hashtags in twitter with #prayforlondon and #wearenotafraid are circulating as the news of this crime circulates around the world.

I know a few people that either live in or were around the Westminster area yesterday when the attack happened, thankfully no-one that I know were affected.  Sadly, there are people that were affected by this vile act of terrorism.

I will not go into my own personal beliefs but all I would like to say is that I am so very saddened to hear of this and my thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victims, such a terrible waste of life.

When something terrible happens, we, as humans normally react in many different ways, our minds can be unpredictable as to the way we ‘deal’ with being involved in or witnessing something so traumatic.

A natural ‘symptom’ of trauma will be shock.

What does shock look like?  Screaming, shaking, crying, anger, the list goes on.  Everyone is different and everyone will deal with this in different ways.  Some people may become withdrawn.  When any of the above reactions happen, some people will ease their way back to living a normal life as soon as the initial shock ceases.  Things like eating, drinking, sleeping and libido should return to how it was before.

But what happens if it doesn’t? What happens when a person cannot get over the traumatic experience, what if the person’s life is never the same again?  What if the person becomes hyper-vigilant, often expecting another terrifying incident to happen. What if the stress becomes so bad that the person cannot work?

This is what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is and what can happen when a person has been subjected to something so shocking, so extreme and so terrifying that they simply cannot get over it themselves.

This is where hypnotherapy can help.  Hypnosis can unlock the subconscious mind and allow it to see things more rationally, feel more relaxed and free of anxiety, help with sleep disorders and any other associated problems.

My belief it that PTSD is not the same for everyone, everyone is different and everyone will react in different ways to situation – we are all complex pieces of a marvellous jigsaw puzzle, sometimes our pieces become jumbled up or we lose a piece here or there.

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Face to face sessions or Skype hyp-no-PTSD – don’t let someone else’s behaviour affect your behaviour.

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NHS – Fire Service – Police – Prison Service – Armed Forces – Public Services UK – Corporate Stress

Do you work for the NHS or other public service? Answer the questions below:

  • Do you want to feel like your batteries are flat?
  • Do you feel irritable and snappy?
  • Are you using alcohol more than you should?
  • Have your eating habits changed?
  • Do you dread going to work?
  • Is your Bradford Score off the scale?
  • Are you being bullied at work?
  • Are you being the bully?

Any of the above may mean that you are experiencing workplace stress or corporate burnout. This isn’t your fault – the buzz word is resilience at the moment, we wouldn’t have to go on resilience training at work if we weren’t put under so much pressure, am I right?

The things is with all of the pressures or working in the public services or other corporate companies, you will at times feel pressure, you will at times feel like you are drowning in paperwork, agendas, meetings, budget, staffing issues, austerity – add a bit of home life stress and the volcano erupts!

The main place that all of the above targets is your mind, I am an experienced hypnotist and mind coach, specialising in the corporate world, more importantly corporate stress, resilience and bullying.  I can unlock your subconscious mind and help you find a healthier, safer, better way to deal with how you are feeling.

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Are we there yet?

Happy August Bank Holiday – if you are here in the UK you will know that Bank Holiday Monday is normally a wet and grey day. No matter what the weather is doing, wherever you are I hope that you have a wonderful and stress free day  🙂
It is commonplace that over the Bank Holiday weekend that people go on trips or holidays, whether in the car, the bus or train but the one most annoying thing that parents might be hearing today is ‘Are we there yet’? And sure enough, the parents will be thinking half way through their journey that they wished that they stayed at home!
Journey’s can take a long time, they can be full of obstacles and sometimes more challenging than you had first initially realised.
Your own personal journey can be the same, whether your journey is to stop smoking, lose weight or overcome your anxiety or phobia, I am here to help you.  You own personal journey doesn’t have to take forever, with my help it can be easy, painless and wonderful 🙂
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Why weight?

Good day! Unless you already know me, most people don’t know why I became a hypnotherapist specialising in eating disorders and weight loss. The reason is that my mum sadly died at age 58 due to having gastric band surgery. I decided a few years ago that I want to specialise in issues surrounding food, and hopefully prevent another death by giving people the chance to deal with the emotional side of eating first and then see the weight fall off. This is not a diet, it is a life-changing experience. Please contact me today for details. thank youx