Mrs B – Paignton  – Devon

“After just 2 sessions I have lost 13.5lbs in weight – whoop, whoop! I am so happy”

Client A – Paignton, Devon

“I am very happy to share, I have had such a struggle with food and emotions, for 44 years and after having 4 sessions with this wonderful person, it has all stopped and I feel amazing – thank you”

Client B – Torquay, Devon

“I had hypnotherapy  during a time of stress, to help me deal with my emotions and feel more in control. The change in me was almost instant, and has continued months later. Many people have remarked upon it, yet it seems to have happened without consciously trying! Paula taught me self-help techniques which really worked, and I have been able to use them in a variety of situations.

I feel empowered and can deal with issues calmly and effectively, it has made a big difference to my life and my relationships. I am now able to express myself clearly and feel comfortable saying how I feel, rather than bottling things up and becoming stressed or upset. It feels great and has really boosted my confidence”

Client C – Torquay, Devon

“I had several sessions of hypnotherapy to help me with weight loss and self-esteem. I know I am an emotional eater and wanted to take control of my bad habits. Rather than focusing on not eating, Paula helped me to focus on how great I would feel and look being fit and healthy.

During my course of hypnotherapy, which lasted 5 weeks, I lost 14lbs without consciously “dieting”. I never felt hungry or deprived, and found healthy foods more satisfying and enjoyable than junk foods, which was a little strange (but good). I also felt motivated to exercise more and actually started to enjoy going to the gym. Hypnotherapy gave me a real boost and made me feel in control of my eating habits”

Mr J – Torquay, Devon

“For hypnotherapy that really works look no further, recently had hours of tattooing,  pain free after just one session with Paula. Amazing!”

VP – Paignton, Devon

“Paula has helped me so much, have been going through a very difficult time in my life, and could see no way out. Having hypnotherapy has totally transformed my thinking and my way of life. I feel more confident, I can now see a future, feel so happy. I have lost weight. And yes its hello to the new me”.