Christmas Gift Idea – past life regression gift vouchers

past life regression Christmas gift voucherChristmas gift vouchers for PAST LIFE REGRESSION sessions – face to face or via skype.

Each gift voucher is valued at £75.00 each, this is for the session, but because I am feeling all Christmassy, I am going to be doing 2 gift vouchers (for 2 people) for the brilliant price of only £100.00 – but this will only be for the first 10 people that buy them today.
I am also going general hypnotherapy gift vouchers, same offer for the first 10 people for today only.
Payment by paypal or bank transfer only please.
Please contact me here or phone/text 07955291578 to order your vouchers today.  

The Ghost of Christmas past – Past Life Regression in Torquay

Hello and welcome to November (Christmas is around the corner).

According to Charles Dickens in the 1843 novel, A Christmas Carol, the character  Ebenezer Scrooge, was a mean and heartless man who made all around him unhappy.

On Christmas Eve night he was visited by 3 ghosts.  The ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present and The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come – he looked upon his past, present and future as an outsider looking in – it was a tale of redemption that allowed Scrooge to make positive changes to his life and Scrooge et al all lived happily ever after – what a wonderful story, truly one of Dickens best novels. If only it was that easy…

christmas-1081717_1280Dickens allowed us an insight into Ebenezer’s past in this brilliant work of fiction, but what if we could see who we once were by having a past life regression session with me?  Wouldn’t that be just awesome? Would it allow us to make changes to the way we live our lives now?

What is past life regression? I hear you say!

The answer is this, it is a hypnosis session where you are guided to view your past, this may be tens, hundreds or thousands of years ago – you will be safe in my hands.
I am a highly skilled, qualified and fully insured hypnotist/hypnotherapist – and the added bonus is that I absolutely adore doing these past life regressions – I have done 100’s over the years and I love to guide my clients through the whole process.

You can have a 1-1 session – face to face or Skype (£75.00 per session) or with a friend (£100.00 per session, for 2 people). Or as a group (price on enquiry).

Christmas Gift Vouchers available – buy for a loved one or friend – please contact me to order your personalised GIFT VOUCHER. 




Déjà vu? – Past Life Regression

Déjà vu? This is the phenomenon that allows a person an insight that they have lived before or been somewhere before.
This might be triggered by something the person sees, hears, feels, smells, touches or tastes.
There may be a vivid, full recollection or a partial recollection of a place, a person or even a fear.
Past-Life Regression (PLR) or Hypno-Analysis is hypnotherapy (light trance) that will allow the client to tap into their own subconscious and ‘see’ and experience a past-life.
This is particularly fascinating to clients that have this strong sense of  Déjà vu or if a client has a phobia with no known trigger, it could be passed from a past life to this life.

Who were you once were, has a huge impact on who you are now – particles of previous life subconscious memory is reborn with you as you enter into a new life – PLR and Hypno-Analysis can find the missing piece of your jigsaw.

Past-Life Regression sessions last approximately 90 minutes and are face to face or via Skype.

Contact me today for all information and appointments – Paulax

past life regression


Past-life regression – I knew I did that before!

Yikes..I am so excited as I am being booked up for lots of lovely past life regression for wonderful clients that are looking to find out where they have been before. That moment when you meet someone for the first time and you get a big KAPOW! because you are convinced that you have known them all your life.  It might suggest that you really have been there, done that and got the T-shirt in a previous life.