Déjà vu? – Past Life Regression

Déjà vu? This is the phenomenon that allows a person an insight that they have lived before or been somewhere before.
This might be triggered by something the person sees, hears, feels, smells, touches or tastes.
There may be a vivid, full recollection or a partial recollection of a place, a person or even a fear.
Past-Life Regression (PLR) or Hypno-Analysis is hypnotherapy (light trance) that will allow the client to tap into their own subconscious and ‘see’ and experience a past-life.
This is particularly fascinating to clients that have this strong sense of  Déjà vu or if a client has a phobia with no known trigger, it could be passed from a past life to this life.

Who were you once were, has a huge impact on who you are now – particles of previous life subconscious memory is reborn with you as you enter into a new life – PLR and Hypno-Analysis can find the missing piece of your jigsaw.

Past-Life Regression sessions last approximately 90 minutes and are face to face or via Skype.

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