Events and Conferences

How exciting, I have a new website dedicated to events and training. is a new site dedicated to my passion, the passion of helping you feel braver, more confident and empowered.

I will give you/show you just what you need to find and achieve your goals.

If your goal doesn’t scare you half to death, find a new goal.

Are you sitting on the fence in no-where land and wondering how long you need to carry on until you get your lucky break?  I can help you to knock down that fence, and change your life.

Please ask yourself the following: The corporate bit…

  • Do  I need someone to speak to my team or organisation about developing strategies to get a better optimisation and performance from staff?
  • Do I need an outsider from my team or organisation to encourage a more harmonious working environment?
  • Do I need someone to enable better working relationships?
  • Do I need someone to come along and enable staff to identify any stress that could be lead to sickness?  Prevention is better than cure!

If you have answered yes to any of the above, please contact me here – I am looking forward to helping you have a better working environment and more productive workforce.