I am so excited right now, I have three sons and all three sons and their fiancées are expecting babies.
There is much talk about pain relief, birthing plans and birthing pools at the moment.
One thing that I can do as a special gift for my daughter-in-laws is to be able to offer Hypnobirthing. Yes, that’s right, hypnotherapy for childbirth – I’m not just saying this but it is totally wonderful and I wish this had been around 25 years ago when I had my first son.
Hypnobirthing is all about be in control of your own pain during labour, without the need of conventional drugs, allowing you to feel more in control and be able to enjoy the magical event and meeting your beautiful new baby. During your labour you will be alert and fully awake, you will just be feeling relaxed, what a lovely thought.
My method of hypnobirthing is to enable you and your partner (spouse or birth partner) to work together and eliminate fears of what you may or may not know about childbirth and labour – the unknown can be very scary. There are also a million people all ready to tell you how horrible the labour is – take no notice as everyone is different and you are unique and different and that is why hypnobirthing seems like a good idea for you. You can also control your pain with your mind that you may feel virtually no pain. Also, babies born under hypnosis are calmer, find it easier to feed and sleep better.
I will be working with you both before your labour and I will ensure that you have all of the skills that will very easily and quickly allow your subconscious mind to remove what it thinks that it knows about pain, (this is self-hypnosis) – even if you have had a baby before.
There will be 5 2 1/2 hour sessions prior to the labour and then during the labour your partner will be able to use his/her skills that I have taught him/her to relax you completely, so you will be calm and peaceful throughout the whole labour. It is proven that Episiotomies are rarely required due to the relaxation during the final stages of labour without hard, anxious pushing – postnatal women look and feel great :)
This really is as easy as it seems. No pain and real gain.

If you have any questions for me or would like to book your sessions and all pricing info,please contact me here.