Past Life Regression

Who were YOU in a past life?

past life regression
Would you like to book a past life party?
Past life regressions, mesmerism, palm reading and tarot can all be the answer to having the best alternative party.
If you are ready for a fun-filled evening full of wonder and amazement, this is especially for you.
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Past Life Regressions can give you the answers to this and many other questions relating to reincarnation.

Also, Past Life Regression can also help you to eliminate fears and phobias that you may have brought with you from a past life.
Or have you ever had the feeling that you have been somewhere before but you are sure that you have never been there?
And also ever had a thought, said a sentence or word or met someone for the first time and it all seems all too familiar, this is known as Déjà vu
An explanation for all of this might be that you have been there in a past life, you may have been on this planet before.


  • Have you ever wondered why to have an unexplained phobia?
  • Have you ever experienced smells, tastes, sensations or a real feeling of Déjà vu?
  • Have you ever considered that this could have been left over from a past life and brought to you into this life?
  • Are you curious to know?
  • Would you like to find out?

May I suggest a past-life MOT

By using a combination of regression and hypno-analysis your past life can enter the present and give you a better future.

There is evidence that some anxiety related disorders might be left over from an experience in a past life, with this in mind I can offer Past Life Regression or this life regression to an earlier age in this lifetime, you might like to receive this therapy out of pure curiosity or it might be necessary to be able to help you overcome an anxiety related disorder.
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All of these sessions will be recorded for you so that you can listen to the whole session again on your phone or from your computer/cd player.