Weight Loss & Virtual Gastric Band

Weight Loss  – Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.

Anyone fancy losing weight in an easy way? Do you want to get healthier and slimmer to reduce health problems and increase your self esteem?
Do you want to learn about nutrition and make a permanent lifestyle change?
Why not see me for your personalised weight loss therapy.

Weight loss is one of the biggest things in the world that people want to change about themselves.  When someone feels like they weigh too much or that their eating is getting out of control it can become an ever increasing problem.

The more that people worry about their weight, the more they eat and the more unhappy they can get – this is a perpetual circle that without help a person can feel desperate, lonely, isolated, as well as being put at risk of having many of the weight related illnesses and problems.

FACT – Weight loss and weight loss products are one of the largest industries in the world.

We have many different organisations in the UK that deal specifically with weighing people, encouragement and helping people to ‘diet’.

Here at Ambiance we believe this is the wrong approach as when we are on a diet WANT food MORE!

Think about the last time you were on a diet….you had your breakfast whilst obsessing over what you were having for lunch and then as you were eating your lunch you were already obsessing over what you were having for dinner…..does this sound familiar?

The reason that this happens is because we become programmed to constantly think about food from these very clever companies that weigh us week in and week out and take our money and keep us interested in food.  It is excellent marketing and excellent business to NOT help you lose too much weight as the companies would go bankrupt and we would all be living and eating in a world that doesn’t focus everything on food.

The only real way to ever lose weight is to eat sensibly, eat regularly and eat less (and exercise more).

With the help of  hypnotherapy YOU CAN CHANGE THE WAY YOU VIEW FOOD FOREVER.

Using a unique method of LIFESTYLE CHANGE and taking away the emphasis on FOOD and DIETS, you will lose WEIGHT.

Ambiance will deal with any underlying eating disorders and any past misconceptions about food.

Typical treatment plans is 4 sessions.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy BMI of 40 and over
How this can help you,
1-Dealing with underlying emotional eating disorders
2-Transforming your body
3-Losing a steady amount of weight
4-Changing your attitude to food – forever
5-Telephone/email support to keep you on track

This will be given to you as 5 face to face sessions and then you will use the support disks daily.

The Virtual Gastric Band for 5 face to face or Skype Sessions and CD’s for daily use, email/phone support for up to a year.  Book today to save ££££’s to lose pounds.

The Virtual Gastric Band works in the same way as the real surgical gastric band.  There are many reasons why the Virtual Gastric Band is safer than the surgical one.

Reasons why it is safer:

  • No risk of anaesthesia
  • No risk of infection after surgery
  • No need for post-surgery medications
  • No risk of surgical complications
  • No risk of surgical mortality
  • Less risk of nutritional deficiency
  • Less risk of additional emotional disorders
  • No risk of surgical haemorrhage