Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing and Shamanic Reiki is now available at Ambiance Hypnotherapy.

Reiki is a wonderful way of working with your own internal energies and I will gently align all of your energy to help you feel energised and at peace.

Reiki is wonderful for treating many problems, from anxiety related disorders to muscular pains – please click here for a full list of what it is useful for – Reiki sessions are approximately 60 minutes – £40.00

I also incorporate my trainings in reiki with my shamanic knowledge and I use a combination of healing white sage to purify the air around you as well as casting away negativity away from you prior to your session.

Shamanic Reiki is just about the most amazing feeling the session will last approximately 60 minutes – £45.00

** You can also request remote healing for a loved one.

Distance Reiki – for a loved one that for whatever reason you cannot be with at their time of need – please send me your enquiry and I can arrange this for you.

Or why not become a qualified Reiki practitioner?

New Courses – Reiki 1st Degree, Reiki 2nd Degree, Reiki Master practitioner.

After successfully becoming an Independent Chikara-Reiki-Do Master/Teacher I am now very excited and looking forward to being able to offer Reiki practitioner training – the process of becoming a Reiki practitioner is like this:
1st degree training – this is for you to begin your own spiritual journey of self healing – £75 per person (1 day course)
after successful completion of this you can progress to..
2nd degree – this is done after a minimum of 21 day after your initial Reiki 1st degree training – this will allow you to give Reiki to friends, family, pets and clients as a practitioner – £110.00 per person (1 day)
3rd degree Reiki Master, this is give you a greater depth and spiritual understanding of yourself and others. This will allow you so offer tuition to others – the pre-requisite to this is to have successfully completed 1st and 2nd degree Reiki training – £160 per person (2 days)

or you can book 1-1 private tuition at £150 per day per course.

All courses and dates in Torbay, South Hams and Teignbridge will be confirmed as soon as I have an idea of numbers. All courses – can be booked for a £20.00 deposit and I have lots of easy options to pay for all courses. Please use this form to request further information.