Sports performance – hypnotherapy to achieve your goals.

I have been working closely with a few rather lovely sporting professions recently. Until now they hadn’t understood the benefits of using hypnotherapy to increase their personal best.

The common factor of why these people came to me is that they wanted to be the best and to succeed.
They all wanted to smash down any barriers that were standing in their way and to get 100% increased endurance.

What I do is give the client the ability to adopt the mind-set of a professional and winning sportsperson or athlete.
This kind of change happens in the subconscious mind, by changing the way we feel about ourselves at an unconscious level then the conscious wide awake mind allows us to change.  Change is good.  Change is always very good.

Whether it is to deal with nerves, to stop procrastination or to smash down any barriers that you are putting up in your way, I will give you the chance to be the very best sportsperson/athlete that you want to be.

Hypnotherapy can help you with the following:

confidence issues
weight loss/gain
increased confidence
increase mental stamina/mental ability
boost your ego

total change to brain state
and just about anything else, smoking, drinking, binge eating…..and so on….

Do you know that whatever sport is your sport that I can help you to get into the zone, smash down the barriers and kick over those hurdles.

Hypnotherapy is particularly brilliant for the following:

Bodybuilding/weight lifting


Martial Arts
Swimmers – but the list is endless.

Why not give it a try.  Contact me here to find out why you need me to help you be top of your game.

“It’s mind over matter – it always has been”.